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Over 450 million years ago, the land that is now northern Illinois was at the bottom of a sea.  Thousands of years later, glaciers crossed the land, exposing some of the limestone rocks from this ancient seabed.  As the land was worked, sea fossils began to emerge.  The “famous” fossil is a recepticulite or sea sponge and is on display in our tasting room. 


Ken and Pam view their land as a living and self-sustaining organism.  Biodynamic sprays and compost teas are used to build plant and soil strength. Beneficial insects and native songbirds help control pests.  Native plants are found throughout the 22 acres and a corner of the farm is left for wildlife habitat.   A rustic covered bridge crosses the stream that meanders through the estate.  The Winery itself is built with energy efficiency in mind and offers views of the peaceful countryside from a deck, an arbor and from our wedding shelter. 


Our philosophy is to present Famous Fossil as a place of beauty that inspires joy and relaxation and a sense of peace and harmony with all life.

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