Our Process  

Natural. Intuitive. Elemental. Industrial

After a winter of sleep, the warmth of spring brings forth buds that will become our next vintage of wine.  Pruning and positioning the grapevines begins in April and continues until harvest begins in late summer.  Grapes are brought to the winery where they are crushed and destemmed.  White grapes are pressed immediately and red grapes sit on their skins for added color, flavor and tannins.  The juice is then ready for fermentation which can take days, weeks or even months.  Ken uses cool, slow fermentations focusing on yeasts found in the vineyard.  This process brings out unique flavors and character in each of our wines.  

The wines are allowed to age in our cellar and are ready to bottle when they have achieved the balance, structure and complexity that make a great wine. Visit us anytime and see what is happening in the vineyard and in the winery.  Windows in our tasting room look into the winemaking area and allow you to see our process any time of the year.