Cultivating Tradition

We make 15 different wines including full bodied reds, refreshing whites, luscious fruit wines and sweet dessert wines.  Our leading grape varieties include the red grapes Frontenac, Marquette, St. Croix and M. Foch and white grapes LaCrescent, LaCrosse, Brianna & Prairie Star.  Great wine begins in our vineyard where we use natural fertilizers and compost, organic and Biodynamic sprays, and depend on song birds & beneficial insects for much of our pest control.

Famous Fossil wines are made with minimal intervention and gentle handling.  Naturally occurring yeasts found on the grapes are used during a slow, cool fermentation.   We do not use flavor additives, we do not add tannins and use only the minimum of preservative. It is our intention to create distinctive wines featuring cold climate grape varieties that express our unique wine growing region. Most of our varieties were developed specifically for the “cold climate” (down to 30 degrees below zero).

Just like any other wine region around the world, our wines are a unique expression of the land, the climate, and, of course, the winemaker. When you taste Famous Fossil wines, you’re tasting the best of the Midwest!

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Red Wine

Meet the Wine

Famous Fossil red wines range from light to full bodied with varying complexity, flavor and style.  Our red wines are made from some of the most recent releases of wine grape varieties as well as some tried and true varieties. 

Red Wine

White Wine

Each of our white wines are unique in style and flavor. Dry or sweet, soft or crisp, Famous Fossil white wines are balanced with fruit, body, acidity and complexity.

Fruit Wine

Our fruit wines are made from whole fruit and are in the style of a dessert wine. Sweet without being cloying, our fruit wines taste as if you are biting into a piece of fresh fruit. This natural crispness means that our fruit wines are generally not as sweet as most desserts. Because of this, pair our fruit wines with fresh fruit, soft cheeses, dark chocolate or serve them on their own.

Red Wines

Fossil Rock Red - $16.95

Everybody’s favorite red blend.  This vintage is made from Frontenac, Marquette, Petite Pearl, Verona and St. Croix, all grapes grown right here in northern Illinois.  It is fruity and soft a lovely full bodied dry red wine that is rich and complex.  

Fossil Rock Red Oaked- $18.95

This is Fossil Rock Red that has been on French Oak adding a hint of earthiness with ink and leather on the finish.  Deep and complex it finishes with a hint of oak.  

Fossil Creek Red - $16.95

Another red blend, this one medium bodied, soft and supple.  This wine has some of our unique cold climate hybrids including Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl and Verona. 


Bedrock Red - $ 12.95/bottle

A soft blend of our red wines, fruity with a hint of sweetness.  We put together Frontenac, Foch and St. Croix creating a wine you can enjoy lightly chilled.

Make Me Blush - $ 9.95/bottle

A hint of sweet and a crisp finish makes this Blush a perfect wine for Sunday afternoons, hanging out with friends, or by the pool.  Try it with frozen strawberries.    



Fireside Red, Estate Bottled - $ 21.95/bottle

Our Estate Bottled Port-style wine made from Marquette, Frontenac and experimental varieties grown in the Famous Fossil vineyard.  Fireside Red is rich and intense, perfect for sipping around the fire.  20% alc.



Heritage - $ 12.95/bottle

Full of old fashioned grape flavors from varieties that have been around since the 1880s. A light, sweet red wine.  




White Wines

LaCrescent Illinois White $14.95/bottle

This is a dry version of our favorite white grape, LaCrescent.   With pleasing aromas of lemon and apple, LaCrescent is clean and bright from beginning to end. 


Crescent Moon White - $ 12.95/bottle

This is a Famous Fossil favorite with bold and bright citrus flavors and a crisp finish.  Made from LaCrescent and LaCrosse grapes. Crescent Moon White is sure to please the most discriminating palate.



Fossil Rock White - $ 14.95/bottle

A blend of our favorite white grapes including Brianna, Prairie Star, Lacrosse, Lorelei and Petite Ami.  This is a soft and sweet white wine with tropical fruit flavors. 



Fruit Wines

Summer Rhubarb - $ 19.95/bottle

Sunshine in a bottle, that’s what we call this wine. Made from whole fruit, our Summer Rhubarb is pure rhubarb, we do not add water or grape wine. Summer Rhubarb is a little sweet and a little tart, just what you want in anything rhubarb.

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